Story Arcs

Here we will keep a list of the running or upcoming story arcs going on in FQVIII. They can include a brief description, an idea of the level of seriousness, and the characters involved.

These story arcs can be long campaign arcs, epic adventures, or just small little character driven stories. Either way, this page will be used to keep track of what is going on.

Academy Days

Everyone has to start somewhere, even the greatest of magi and sorcerers were once students. While nowhere near as famous as the prestigious as some other magical schools, Prisma’s Academy has the benefit of being in the heart of Citadel, surrounded by guilds and opportunity

Feel: Lighthearted comedy slice of lice fantasy following the adventures of the students training in Primsa’s magic academy. Some mini adventures may turn up for the young and blossoming students.
Characters Involved: Meryll, Sharla Rudini, Heather O’Malley, Mia

Lemurian Memory

Very little is known about the mysterious floating land of Lemuria. However, the secrets of this ancient, magic civilization may soon be revealed in the search for the lost memory of a young man

Feel: Will have some serious moments, but overall a bright and heroic four color adventure.
Characters involved: Asica Ulduntila, Gabrielle Labeau


Everyone has magic potential within them, some greater then others. But once in a while someone is born with a power so great it could have the potential to alter the course of history. And when that power awakens it will draw those who seek to control it for their own dark desires. Light. Dark. What is the difference when all seek to control one single life?

Feel: This will be a relatively serious story line that has the potential to get dark at times. IT will skate the boundaries of morality and make you question the definition of good and evil
Characters Involved Sarihiya Ulduntila, Quona Ulduntila, Varden, No Hyunuk

Undying Treaty

Not everyone is entirely happy with the recent treaty between Citadel and the Undying Lords of Amaranthine. Whispers of discord scatter through the underbelly of Citadel. Do he Undying Lords have Citadel’s best interest in mind? Is Lady Elerayne enchanted by Dark Magic? Or has the emergence of Amaranthine once again brought to head the xenophobic powers that seek to destroy those they do not understand, or that do not fit into their way of the world
Feel Four color and adventurous story. Some serious notes at times, but overall nothing too heavy.
Characters Involved: Luke, Ok Hwaya, No Daejung

The Young and the Brave

Citadel, the land of opportunity. Here are where the young are drawn to brandish steel and spell for glory, for honor, for money or for pride.

Feel: Not much of a story arc, but more of a series of mini adventures and quests involving people in a guild or a guild coalition within and around citadel. They will go on small adventures, maybe evolving into something greater later on.
Characters Involved Taiya, John the Sewer-Keeper

Story Arcs

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