Important Places


The Great Seraphic Bridge
Using a complicated series of Highly powerful Spirit arts and cutting edge engineering, this massive bridge is mot popular way into Citadel. It glows with the power of the water magic and travelers consider this to be one of the greatest wonders of the world. Though the details of its creation are lost to history, rumors said it was made by Undine herself as thanks to a powerful summoner and the original founders of Citadel.

The bridge is usually left afloat to allow travel in and out of the city, and the gates can be sealed at either end. However the bridge can also be sunken beneath the waves if need be, though this has only happened a handful of times in the city’s history.

The Guild Tower
The largest building in Citadel, this spire stretches into the sky and is the location for all the seat of government in citadel. Many of the great guilds call the tower their home and the council meets at the top floor, overlooking the lake and the town.

The Plaza of Hope
This massive plaza is known as the center of Citadel. There is a a large statue depicting the original nine founding members of Citadel and the ground is paved with 9 different colors of marble and other stone. The plaza is left officially open, and no permanent place of business or worship can be placed within in, but it is often used during important festivals and religious ceremonies and can be filled with tents and merchant stands.

Prisma Academy
Prisma Academy is run and funded by the Mage guild of Prisma. Though not at prestigious or as old as other academies on Tykera, Prisma Academy has the unique draw of it being in the heart of Citadel. While some of the other more older academies scoff at Prisma Academy, calling it nothing more then a way for Prisma to farm new members for their guild and grow in power, many find the promise of employment an advantage, and not a drawback of the school.

The Dog and Cask
This is a small tavern and pub run by the Wolf Tribe woman Naveen.

The Golden Cock
This is another small tavern run by Mrs. O’Reilly and her lovely daughter Molly. The Golden Cock is a bit more family friendly than the Dog and Cask, though it has its share of rowdies.

The Orc’s Head
Yet another bar, this one owned and operated by an old Hanjese woman known only as “Ajuma” (Hanjese for “Madame.”) Whatever your vice – drinking, gambling, prostitution, black market, whatever – you can probably find it here, but their main attractions are the “juicy girls” who will serve as companions for a fee to varying degrees of intimacy, ranging from simple conversation to full blown prostitution. Abusing juicy girls is heavily frowned upon.

Important Places

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