Ok Hwaya

Magical Ninja Princess Elf Miko


Name: Ok Hwaya
Race: Low Elf
Age: 21
Birthdate: 1446
Zodiac: Yang Fire Tiger
Height: 5’2"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Homeland: Hanja
Image Song: Eagles – Journey of the Sorceror
Artwork by Fred Gallagher


Approximately 200 years ago, a group of elves settled in the human nation of Hanja. Taking the surname Ók, which means jewel, the elves quickly integrated themselves into the yinja (ninja) clan centered around the village of Jokbóng. The elves proved to be strong fighters, and to have a strong aptitude for yinsul (ninjutsu.) Because of this they rose through the ranks of the Khun Góng clan faster than some of the native Hanjese were comfortable with.

Into this setting, in 1446 was born Ók Hwaya, the eldest daughter of the ranking elf in the clan. Showing an aptitude for magic at a young age, Hwaya was soon enrolled to study the use of the Óhaeng (the five elements.) Her goal now is to become an Ósa, literally a “five master” or a master of all five elements. At 22 she has completed one, her birth element of fire.

Being fairly small and quite obviously elvish, Hwaya became the target of some of the less welcoming of the Hanjese families. Taking the abuse with as much stoicism as she could, she nevertheless bonded with another outcast, the handicapped badass, Nó Daejúng.

When she was 12 Hwaya was abandoned in the woods by a group of her peers. She was lost well into nightfall, only finding her way back when an unusually smart black kite whom she named Uruvandil (an Elvish word which means, “fire friend”) led her back to the village. Elf and bird have been inseparable since then.

Ok Hwaya

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